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2001-12-17 - 7:40 p.m.: bengal spice (caffeine free!)

It's only been two days.. but it feels like forever! I went back to EL this weekend to sort things out with Lush... get overrides for my classes... find a place to live, etc. Wonder of wonders, I managed to get most of it done..! Yippee!

On the other hand... I haven't even started my x-mas shopping. Ah well. Nobody gets anything from me this year. I wonder if they'd notice...? :o)

On the other, other hand... I showed up for the wrong final today. :o( Dumbass. At least I didn't really need it.

This is going to be the week from hell -- two shitty pt jobs with LOTS of hours ($$) and ZERO free time -- so I might not be writing too much... but (on the other hand) maybe it'll be the one thing keeping me sane. Besides juggling socks and sliding down stairwells, that is. :o)

What IS sane, anyway? What is sanity? Does sanity just mean that your super-ego's tougher than your ego?

I saw my friend Des this weekend... and he's a little concerned because he's been having a hard time concentrating, so he went to see a shrink, who diagnosed him with depression AND A.D.D. What the hell? So they're thinking of putting him on Ritalin and Prozac. Wouldn't the combination either cancel each other out or kill you? If you knew this guy... he's SO bright and SO kind and funny... if he's depressed it's because he expects more out of life than what he's getting... if he can't concentrate it's because the shit he's trying to concentrate is boring and inconsequential. He is one of the most curious, intellectual persons I know!! How do you treat a case like this when you care about the person? I didn't want to take it TOO seriously, because I really don't think there's anything wrong with him. On the other hand (I'm running out of hands), who am I to say something like that? I like him the way he is because I understand him... because he's *like me*... maybe that's not the way he wants to be. Who knows. I hope he takes the drugs for a little while then quits them on his own and "discovers" himself. But... I guess I'd be happy with anything that makes him happy. I just don't want to see him get "comfortably numb." Life is too vividly diverse to be appreciated through rose-colored lenses.

Lala... I think that's all. My head's been emptied. Now for a song:

(hum along, if you'd like)

damnit. I forgot what song it was that I was singing.

Oh well.