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2003-01-24 - 4:51 p.m.: fingerpaint

i had a dream last night about frequencies and wavelengths.

(i can't even say that phrase right now... "frequencies and wavelengths"... without feeling a little giddy, like i've just solved the puzzle of the world. yes, it was *that* kind of dream.)

and it was about patterns, and it was about infinity. not just infinity that goes out forever past the point at which you'd stop and turn around or run out of gas´┐Ż. but also the infinity that you'd find if you went in and in and in--or smaller and smaller and smaller--and never ran into a point, or a zero. the kind of infinity that reveals beauty and complexity in dots.


in my dream i saw frequencies and wavelengths, and was able to speak in those languages. i understood time in those terms, and practiced jumping in and out of it. i looked at life in fast forward until *I* was less than a blink, and i slowed it down until i could perceive the slow crawl of an impulse from my eye to my mind and back, and everything that movement entailed. i woke up, at about 4:56am, and thought about this. i came to the sleepy conclusion that "god" is nothing more (and nothing less) than the originator of these infinite, self-perpetuating, confused-and-crisscrossing waves. like a bug sending ripples through a very still pond. i promptly fell asleep again. i believe i was smiling.

so there you go.

one more fun thing: my boss's four-year-old son calls her "my feisty old lady"........ :o)