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2003-02-27 - 11:37 a.m.: jungle juice

saddam grants an interview. mr. rogers dies. canada calls us bastards and everybody cries.

i wonder what it will be like to be a historian fifty or a hundred or a thousand years from now. everything we do, it seems, is recorded somewhere, by someone. want to know what the weather was like at this time at that place? easy enough. it's archived. everything's archived. it will still be difficult to determine the exact actions of specific people at specific times...and it will be nearly impossible to gain insight into the inner-workings of a particular mind--it's hard to do that with the benefit of immediacy!--but it will be easier than it ever has before. there's more to go on. i wonder what role these diaries will play in gluing our electronic histories together. facts will be the body, poetry will be the soul. mind will be given to us by those who assign an end to our means. our children and children's children and children's children's children. and their dogs.

or not.

z0tl has crowned me the queen of maybe. i think that's the only title i'll ever fully embrace.

maybe. :o)

i saw a man jogging his dog the other day. he was slow´┐Ż a beginning runner... and the dog was very fast. he (the dog) was straining at the leash... trying to squeeze the maximum freedom from this short nylon rope and i (the bywalker) was humiliated for him. if i ever had a pet... man. i don't know. i would try my hardest to help that pet do and feel the things for which (s)he was created. i can't believe that an animal with the grace and ability to overtake the fastest bicyclist in the world would be best friends with an animal that chained him to a slow and erratic "exercise routine".

a dog on a leash and a gerbil on a wheel and a guinea pig encased in glass--i wonder how they feel?

i think we all know what it feels like to struggle against limitations. i think we all know how it feels to burn for our own potential. so why do we relegate our best friends to the same frustrations? grrrr. love is beautiful irrational in practice.

in other news, i have spiffed-up my diary. i hope you like it.

p.s. did you ever look at " l8r " and see the face of a grumpy old square with glasses? yeah. so did i.