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2003-07-11 - 11:57 p.m.: blue green algae

walking home today i met a little boy riding on top of the shoulders of a man.

he said hi and smiled.

the man didn't.

i smiled hi back, without looking at the man.

was that rude?

i also met a guy named ronnie who has dragon tattoos, black spiky hair with a shock of bright red and lots of friends in seattle.... he told me the job market is terrible but to keep trying. he also said to get thai food for dinner, because it's delicious and i should treat myself. i said that i would, but i didn't.

i heard back from two people this week. one of them said "please re-send your resume because i can't open that format" and the other one said "thanks for your application. i thought you should know that your computer sent us a virus with your attachment." hmmmm. you know you're grasping at straws when messages like the above make you want to sing.

(oh... i don't think i said anything about this before... i'm looking for a job in seattle so that i can live near the sea, woods and mountains all at the same time. apparently so is everyone else in the country.)

i feel so unimaginative right now because i just spent a little while making colorful patterns with pens and painting... sapped me, totally. i think i'll just save what's left for dreaming... and get back to you tomorrow.

(oh.. but the REASON i was making patterns is that i was in the international center eating lunch today and i started thinking about tessellation designs... wondering if there could possibly be a shape that would fit into such a pattern no matter which way it moved or rotated in relation to the whole... without shifting the entire universe around with it. i don't know how well i'm articulating what's in my head.. but basically... if there is such a thing as a smallest particle, i thought it would have to be the sort of thing that can stack up against itself without leaving any spaces in between. but it would also have to be able to move independently of the entirety. then i thought about it a little bit more and decided there was no reason why there should only be ONE smallest particle shape... there could be an infinite number of smallest particle shapes that work together. and as far as it not affecting the whole? why not? that could be where the spiral comes in, after all. one of them rotates a little, maybe, starting a chain reaction of barelyy-perceptible shifts in direction that influence other particles to infinity in a spiraled domino chain. like perfect gears.)

well.. i wanted to draw that.

okay. now i'm done.