last glass...dusty buckets...parched e-lips...sponge...drip...drop

2002-06-19 - 6:33 a.m.: blue shock slurpee

what a straaange weekend. i went to Ohio for an ultimate frisbee tournament called "Poultry Days," a huuuge tournament (70 teams!) featuring a small-town poultry festival with the "best barbecued chicken" in the states. even as a vegetarian, i have to admit it smelled damnedly-delicious. the competition ended up being too fierce for my team (consisting of a ton of "experienced" players and some new guys... all of whom smoked a field of greens on the sidelines, incapacitating even the very best of us to the extent that our speediest, most heart-felt defensive plays bordered on the absurd, and our offense, well... geez. how many ways can you spell "SUCK"? ;) imagine floating half-dazed through a field of tents and candles (campfires not allowed) and hippie-athletes shouting greetings, come-ons and obscenities throughout the night... that was poultry days. with chicken. ugh.

no wonder i'm tired.

i just got a visit from a housemate who came in saying, "i'm really stoned and really ecstatic, & wanted to share this with someone"... he proceeded to tell me all of these revelations he was having about his life and his relationship.. and it was really cool to just.. be given this glimpse into his sudden... epiphanical wisdom. it was fun because... well, i've felt that way before, too.. and fun because it made sense... it was *true*. (this happened just now, as i was writing, so i haven't had time to really formulate my thoughts on it...)

i think i'm going to read a little... maybe gather some wisdom of my own. :)