last glass...dusty buckets...parched e-lips...sponge...drip...drop

2002-06-24 - 2:47 p.m.: ohana fruit punch

i don't know what's WITH me these past few days.. i've done absolutely NOTHING worth doing, lazing around like a vestigial toe. hmmmm... (consequently i don't have much to write about). it's been hotttt.... muggy and dusty at the same time. they're doing road work one street over, and all the broken bits of pavement and dirt love to breeze their way over here... in through my windows, onto my bed. grrr. and i used to think that the whole bit about construction workers and cat calls was a stereotype-- a myth. it's NOT. i feel very good about myself every time i walk to campus (as well as a little dirty and objectified). is it a trade-off, or is it just me getting sucked into degrading estimates of self-worth? or should it be fun and i'm too uptight? hmmm. oh! i'm going to europe in late july... for ten days of debauchery and high adventure. mostly france, italy and greece, i think. i'm a little nervous, though, because i think that's when 'holidays' start, in europe, so everything will be crowded and overpriced or vacant. but then, i've never been to europe during holidays, so maybe i'm all wrong. :) oh yeah.. and i can't afford it, yet, but that's in the works (in the form of extra jobs and extra hours). bleah. i wish i could enter a writing contest whose deadline is next week, whose award money is in the hundreds and whose payout will be quick and painless. that would be wonderful.

uh... i really shouldn't write anymore because class starts in ten minutes and is twenty minutes away, soo.... bye!