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2002-11-18 - 3:59 p.m.: sunny delight

so i spent today at work (the women's resource center: "providing a stimulating and supportive environment for campus women") re-organizing the email database so that i could install a new one. why? it was infected with a virus. we were sending out emails that read:

"here is the $1 crack whore you ordered"

followed by a picture of what was supposed to be a $1 crack whore.

i hope you can appreciate the irony.

this weekend tripped the light fantastic. on friday i got to play mafia, enabler and psycho-sexual effusion mopper-upper. saturday was.. ehhhhh... not as exciting. worked 7 hours at the bookstore (and wanted to claw my eyeballs out and fling them at the next aging alumnus who either bought a foam football for $18.99 or called me "sweetie"), then 5 hours sunday... but it wasn't so bad. "hey, it's money..." bleearrgh.

that's life support for the terminally disenchanted.

i also watched "after life" (a japanese film) this weekend... it was very strange. liked it, but i'm not sure if it was for the film itself or for the ideas behind it.

maybe more tonight, maybe not. i feel soupy.