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2002-11-18 - 7:49 p.m.: mint julip

okay... i don't KNOW why i have to make a new entry instead of adding on to the old one. it's a flow thing. so:

a few weeks (months?) ago i was reading "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by what's his name.... John Gray? anyway, yes. i was. and i'm going to read the bible someday, too, because i'm not 100% convinced that those nuns knew what they were talking about, and i really do believe that blindly rejecting is worse than blindly accepting. hmmmm.

i don't believe that men and women are from different planets. what is most beautiful in a manly man is his capacity for kindness... what is most beautiful in a feminine femme is her strength. it's all about contradiction. we're all human, to varying degrees "masculine" AND "feminine", pushed and pulled in different ways--toward and away from different extremes--by society and circumstance.


he talked about love as having seasons. the spring, when you fall into it, with the warmth, wetness and greenness of new passion... being born into it... then summer... lazy, physical free-falls... sensual undertakings and overcomings.. shyness disappears... then fall, where things start to die... illusions turn brittle and leave naked the "bones" of who we are... then winter, where it seems like everything is dead.

the thing to remember here, i think, is that it's a cycle. it starts over again. whether it's for the same two (?) people or in the most private corners of a quiet, lonely heart... "love springs eternal"... always just as fresh and green as the first time.

i think i believe this. i really do. i don't know what stage i'm in now, but i'm already feeling little tingles in the middle of my soul... like some tiny cotyledon is poking its way out of some shell, waiting to bloom... and this one even has a role model.

how lucky!