last glass...dusty buckets...parched e-lips...sponge...drip...drop

2003-03-05 - 8:32 p.m.: candlewax

top ten things i learned today:

1) just when you think you can't trust someone, you can.

2) running in deep snow instead of walking helps to keep your pants dry.

3) deep snow is pretty.

4) red tail-lights shining on deep snow in the early-morning indigo is even prettier.

5) if you leave your plugged-up bathtub alone for a day hoping it'll drain, you're in for a big surprise. not only will it not drain, but water-filled plumbing with no downward pressure equals engraved invitation to underwater sewer monkeys. it's true. they're small like spiders with fins and tails and they love stagnant bathwater. i almost caught one doing the backstroke, but it disappeared before i could be sure. it might very well have been freestyle. hopefully everything will be back to normal tomorrow.. i don't have enough food for everyone.

6) if you see HUGE mounds of snow piled up against light poles in the middle of strip-mall parking lots, chances are you'll want to climb up on them and slide down on your butt. chances are you shouldn't. chances are there's a shopping cart or two in there. *ooph.*

7) figaro's pizza is coming soon.

8) there is a candle scent called "clean laundry". (what a great idea! this means that even if you fall short of cleanliness and allow rank piles of worn clothing to accumulate on sofas chairs and the floor... you can still enjoy the invigorating scent of freshly-washed linen all around you. just think of how many quarters you could save!)

9) z0tl is a... is very nice to people who link to him. even if you're only pretending to like him. i think that's what he said. i bet if you add him to your favorites list your life will get better fast. that's a bet. the guarantee is that you will get dizzzy and learn how to think in zigzag patterns. dcalien, on the other hand, will help you orbit inside-out. both of them have connectionz (attach proper importanz to the z) to the gods and might put in a good word for you. or two. or a zillion.

10) doctors should prescribe puppies for insomnia, heart-sickness and the common cold. but since they don't... i'll share mine with you. his name is thai.

there. all better.