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2003-03-05 - 10:05 a.m.: honeysuckle nectar

nature was playing one day when suddenly she sighed.

"i'm bored," she said.

her mother came over and plopped a game down on the floor beside her. "try this!" she smiled. "it's educational!"

little nature grumblingly opened the box. inside was a tiny planet, one of a set she already owned. it was blue and green and white and smelled like damp. against her better judgement, she smiled.

"it's pretty," she said. her mother nodded.

"this one's special," she whispered. "for advanced learners. it comes with Life." she threw little nature a proud glance. "i think you're ready."

little nature grinned. she'd never been allowed a planet with Life, before. she couldn't wait to get started. she reached for the tiny planet, but her mother stopped her with a word of caution.

"remember, dear... Life is very fragile. you must play carefully. it can also be destructive. keep in mind what we've taught you about balance."

"i know, i know," nature sighed. her mother smiled.

"very good," she said. "have fun!"

and nature did.