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2003-06-01 - 6:35 p.m.: castile oil soap

so part of my 7-day deeeeetoxification plan involves eating "paneer," which is a yummy cheese made of...? (i have no idea). i don't have any, needed to buy some, so i took a trip around the world to find it. better health food store. foods for living. oriental food mart. etc. i couldn't find paneer, but i used up four-and-a-half hours just wandering up and down aisles, trying to derive the contents of packages from the characters on the front... trying to think of good names for vegetables i've never seen before... reading the ingredients on cookies to figure out what made them different from the cookies in meijer's. i learned more about culture in 4 hours than i have in the past 9 months. i'm going again next week for a whiz-bang-kitchen-stock-ing affair, after the danger of fragbattles and woldabunks rotting in my abandoned-for-NYC-and-music fridge has passed. come with me! it's fun, like a theme park. except these places are real and will give you a new perspective.

and they contain all the things that are tastiest to eat and smell in the world. (except paneer... but that could be forgiven as an oversight.)

seriously. i'm never shopping at meijer's again.

as an absurdly contradictory (but equally educational) experience, i rode in a black corvette convertible and a brand-new bigass truck this weekend. heh. zooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... .. . . . . . . .

(wind in hair, half-closed eyes, 0 to 60 to 90 before you can blink three times.)

(my civic is jealous as hell.)