last glass...dusty buckets...parched e-lips...sponge...drip...drop

2003-06-04 - 9:58 a.m.: mashed bananas

wow... fucked up dream last night. i mean REALLY fucked up. like worse than my last few. in a cabin in australia... i'm a guy (yes, a male) who looks like a cross between shaggy from scooby doo and edward norton, unshaved... half real, half cartoon... with a "feminist" and three kittens... sun is shining but it's a golden kind of shine, and there is desert all around... the wind flings things against the window and i make some kind of joking remark about things trying to get in... then things *are* trying to get in... little flying bugs, then bigger ones, then monster ones the size of chickens... we start getting nervous and the kittens are going nuts, freaking out and biting everything... the cabin is really messy with rags and junk lying everywhere, which makes it look like a tornado has already torn everything apart... the bugs keep getting bigger and the windows start to rattle and to ease the tension i say something like, "at least they're not giant monkeys"... you guessed it... the bugs stop, the wind stops, and we're wondering what's going on when suddenly a a a huge monkey face presses itself up against the window... we wonder if it will hold when suddenly it stretches like plastic wrap and snaps... punk rock music fills the room and things start blowing around with the stink of monkey breath... IF YOU'VE NEVER SEEN A GIANT MONKEY YOU'RE LUCKY, THEY'RE PRETTY FUCKING SCARY... more monkeys appear at other windows and we think we're doomed... the feminist pulls out a gun and shakingly points it at the first monkey's head... it turns into a droopy, wet penis in her hands... she screams and runs away... i go to hide under a bed to find that the things under the bed seem even more scary... there is an old ice-cream sundae that is almost all-the-way melted, but not quite, with mashed bananas on top... i worry that it will attract the monkeys, who are now talking to each other and making plans to eat me, complaining that kittens are too hairy... they talk about legs being pleasurably crunchy, stuffing me with banana filling to make a dessert, etc... i keep still, hoping they'll go away... then there is silence... i don't know if it's because they've gone or because they're waiting for me to come out, so i wait... the fact that they're intelligent--maybe more than i--freaks the hell out of me... that's when i wake up.

with a splitting headache and big questions about my sanity.


and field day might not happen.

but something will.

that is a certainty. even if i have to *gasp* go on a solo road trip. that actually might be kind of sweeeeeeet.